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PS Servo Voltage Controller 5.9V 5A 1Ch



    With this module you can mix high voltage (up to 8.4V) and standard voltage (up to 6V) servos with your receiver.

    You can power your receiver with for example, a 2S LiPo and have this module connected between the receiver and your standard voltage servo where it will safely reduce the voltage to 5.9V and protect your servo from over voltage.
    PS Servo Voltage Controller
  • Specifications
    Input voltage Approx 3.5 - 8.5V (2-cell LiPo batteries)
    Output voltage Approx 5.9V
    (if the input voltage > 5.9V, the output Voltage equals the input voltage)
    Current Capacity (< 167° F / 75° C) 8A      For Approx. 5sec at 7.4V
    2.5A   For Approx. 100sec at 7.4V
    1.5A   For Approx. 150sec at 7.4V
    Dimensions 1.50 x 0.43 x 0.29 in
    38 x 11 x 7 mm
    Approx. weight 0.18 oz
    5 g

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